As a film and television powerhouse, we produce full length feature films, commercials, music videos and television programs. Our office is located in beautiful downtown Dallas, Texas close to dozens of great restaurants, coffee houses, and bookstores where you can relax during breaks. Our small but beautifully decorated office serves as the executive production base for R42 Films, an active film production company dedicated to the production of original feature films, HD documentaries, and television series for global distribution. The post production suite is a new addition to our office and, although it is primarily responsible for the editing of our original programming, we are delighted to open the suite to our community.

For those working with our editors or alone in our facility, you will enjoy a private, dedicated room with all conveniences and amenities necessary for intensive post-production efforts. Your private room includes:
- Top of the line Uncompressed HD System
- Executive desk with an additional G5 Imac with email access, MS office, etc.
- Wireless Internet Access
- Phone with dedicated extension number
- Conference Table.

You will also have access to the amenities of our office, including free convenient parking in downtown Dallas, waiting area, refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, washer, dryer, *bedroom suite, full powder bathroom, walk-in closets, fax machine, and a super friendly staff!

Contact R42 Studios for rates at (214) 485-0393.

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